Sally Oldfield

Sally Oldfield,sister of musician/composer Mike Oldfield, has been writing/playing/singing her own songs for over 30 years. She is best known for her world-wide hit single "Mirrors" in 1978 with its exotic Hawaiian harmonies, but her songs cover a wide range of moods and styles, drawing their inspiration from pop/folk and trance. Her signature pattern is her crystal-clear vocal harmonies, laced with richly textured background instrumentation ideally suited to visual synchronisation.

The album "Cantadora" is a new compilation of Sally's favourite tracks, recorded in her home studio over the years without any record
company involvement. The word "Cantadora" is from ancient Spanish folklore, meaning "one who hands down myths and stories by word of mouth" or more literally - "Storyteller". Together they form a collection of songs that represent her authentic artisitic vision - one brush - one canvas - one soul.

Review excerpts:

"One of my happiest recent memories is listening to Sally Oldfield's sweet harmonies  alone one clear night at a beach in Cape Cod, and it was just one of those ultra-romantic moments you never forget, where music and environment  coalesce perfectly". (Ground and Sky review)

"Sally Oldfield cannot be compared to anyone else. Her music throbs with sensuality, but always with dignity and grace;  At times, the rhythms pound with tribal ferocity; other times, they soothe and caress. When she slips into that whispery voice that she does to perfection, it is impossible for the libido not to kick in; yet Sally Oldfield never resorts to the cheap or the vulgar. She is one of a kind and one of the great lights of our time."  ( Review of "Secret Songs")

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