Established over 15 years ago, EP Music exists to enable music licensees to smoothly and seamlessly source and licence recordings for release in various formats and in compilations, films and commercials.


Most famous for their US #2 classic "Louie Louie", the Kingsmen hailed from Oregon and secured their moment in pop history with their definitive recording of the Richard Berry song.  Rolling Stone magazine voted is as “The #4 most influential recording of all time” in 2007, and it is universally acknowledged as a classic party anthem. 

Put together by veteran producer Mike Hurst, Fancy flourished in the 1970s.  Especially popular in the USA, they scored a US Top 10 hit with their version of the classic "Wild Thing", following this up with "Touch Me". 

Having worked with Richard James (aka Aphex Twin), Tom (a classically-trained pianist and cellist) has gone on to become an acclaimed ambient artist in his own right.  In addition, he is a prolific remixer, having worked on a diverse range of material from the likes of Coldplay, Prince, Kylie Minogue, Leftfield, Goldfrapp and Pulp.

His "Lifetracks" album, released in 2007, is a collection of personal soundtracks that he compiled over a period of 9 years, drawing inspiration from history, people, places and experiences.

Michael Nesmith, famously ex Monkee, recorded a number of solo albums ranging across a range of styles, covering country rock, country, rock, soft rock, brass band(!) and all points in between.

Hailing from the Pacific North West of the USA in the early to mid 1960's, the Sonics were a legendary hard hitting rock and roll outfit whose influence (not unlike that of the Velvet Underground) extended way beyond their limited market. Bands such as the Stooges, Kinks, The Fall, the Sex Pistols and the White Stripes have all acknowledged the influence that they drew from the music and attitude of The Sonics, and Nirvana's Kurt Cobain said of the band "They got the most amazing drum sound I've ever heard. Still to this day, it's still my favorite drum sound."

Maggie Bell was the doyenne of 70's blues rock singers and was renowned for her gutsy, heartfelt vocals.  Her two 70's studio solo albums, her album with "Midnight Flyer", two live solo albums and a "Stone The Crows" live album are all available for license.

Travelling round the world and collaborating with a stellar array of artists on the way (including the likes of Robbie Williams, REM's Michael Stipe and Neneh Cherry), Jamie Catto (ex of Faithless) and Duncan Bridgeman made a great album under the "1 Giant Leap" name.  Includes the massive hit "My Culture".

Described by DJ Danny Baker as "the best thing on this planet at the moment", the single "Take It All" was the pinnacle of the all too brief career of Friends of Harry.

Hailing from West London in the early 1980's the Cartoons, led by Larry Cane-Honeysett were part of the burgeoning pub rock scene.

Much feted in their day, doyens of the mid-70's pub-rock scene, Bearded Lady never quite achieved the acclaim that they deserved.  Their sole release at the time was the single "Rock Star", which despite excellent reviews, never quite gave them their breakthrough.